CPAP trial

If you have sleep apnoea and want to try a CPAP unit out then we can help.

CPAP trials are designed for people who have not tried CPAP before and offer a choice of masks to try with help and advice during the trial period. We will isuue you with an advanced auto setting CPAP unit with humidification and will download the information regarding your treatment during the trail to allow feedback from us to tailor the experience to achieve the best possible levels of comfort and success.

It is easy to arrange a CPAP trial with Sleeptech.

We will see you at our nearest clinic or in your own home in certain areas to set up the equipment for you. If you live in a remote area this may be available by a phone consultation followed by the equipment being sent by courier.

CPAP therapy involves the use of a small quiet bedside unit that blows air gently via a small mask to keep your airway open during the night. It is a very safe and effective therapy reducing both apnoeas and snoring allowing a more restful sleep for you and your partner. Although the therapy may feel strange at first for most people, the benefits outweigh the inconvenience and the therapy becomes just part of a daily routine.

The charge for a two week trial of the treatment is $195.00. This is using one of our advanced autosetting CPAP units which adjust automatically to treat your snoring and apnoeas and help obtain a full night of restful sleep for both you and your partner. The modern CPAP trial units transmit the data from your night sleep to us everyday allowing us to tailor the therapy to your needs and help you achieve the sleep you deserve.

If the trial period is successful the we can offer a choice of units for rental or purchase according to your requirements and budget.

Please book your CPAP trial below and we will contact you to make the arrangements. Please tell us where in the country you are.