CPAP rental

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Not ready to buy a CPAP? Try renting one!

If you have had a trial of CPAP or been to a clinic and found out you need to use CPAP and are not quite ready to buy or would just prefer to rent a modern lightweight CPAP unit then this is the place to be. If you have not used CPAP before and do not know which mask/unit you require then you need to have a CPAP trial first.

Our CPAP rentals are tailor-made to suit your requirements with choices of unit and mask available. You can add options such as portable power or 12V connections and rent for any period - although for shorter rental periods the charge is slightly higher. 

All rentals from Sleeptech are inclusive of everything required and there are no extra payments to the rental amount agreed.

Prepaid rentals offer peace of mind and savings as the longer you prepay then the cheaper the rental fee.

Your progress on the therapy is monitored by data download and trained advice is always on hand.

If you would like a quotation for rental of CPAP then please contact us using the form below.

Please tell us where in the country you are and how long you would like to rent a unit for.