Night Shift™ Sleep Position Therapy

The Night Shift™ is available for either a 3 night trial or an outright purchase.

Night Shift™ uses vibrotactile feedback to discourage supine sleep and treat mild to moderate sleep apnea and help reduce snoring.

Another brilliantly conceived product from Advanced Sleep, and a boon for Snorers and those suffering from Positional Sleep Disorders.

Night Shift encourages side sleeping by determining your actual sleep position, and quietly prompting you to not move into a supine sleeping position. Which means less snoring or better therapy.

It's a simple, non-invasive, and non-sleeping partner disturbing way to get the best sleep you can.

The results are dramatic, and immediate. Initial users are spending less than 5% of their sleep time sleeping on their back.

Night Shift is working for you by the second night of use. (The first night is used as baseline comparison data)

Plus Night Shift will show you that it is working by providing detailed reporting on sleep position, snoring level and body movement

Night Shift also stores 12 months of sleep history, so comparison is easy.

Using the Night Shift is easy!

Just put it around your neck with the blue label facing out and the ON button facing down.

You can to choose whether to have position feedback (vibration in supine position) start immediately or after a 15 minute delay.

Night Shift® can be recharged by connecting the enclosed USB cord to any USB port on your computer or a USB mains charger. One charge is good for three nights usage.