CPAP subscription plans

"Rent to Buy" Subscription Packages

At SleepTech, we understand that CPAP therapy, and the frequent purchase of replenishments can be costly and hard to keep up with. That is why we have come up with convenient and cost effective “Rent to Buy” subscription plans,* designed to save you the hassle and expense of purchasing your therapy equipment and replacement parts the old fashioned way.

It may seem wasteful to replace your CPAP supplies when the equipment looks perfectly fine, but new equipment helps keep the device functioning to its optimum level. The plans in this brochure have been designed to provide replacement items at the intervals required to maintain your therapy without you having to track schedules or worry about a large unplanned expense.

Basic Subscription Plan - $69 per month (plus an initial fee of $349)

Own your CPAP equipment in just 36 interest free monthly payments whilst receiving regular care packages, containing essential replenishment items to maintain your therapy at an optimum level.

Premium Subscription Plan - $99 per month (plus an initial fee of $349)

In addition to the basic package, you will receive annual clinical reviews by our specialist staff, and a greater level of replenishment and cleaning items. Own your CPAP device after 36 motnhs.

Rental Subscription Plan - $120 per month (no initial fee)

For patients who are not sure that they want to own their own device, but still want the convenience and value of our subscription plans. Minimum 3 month rental period)